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We are providing the original product directly from producers. Our specialties right now are the top-notch premium quality dates of Saudi Arabia. More products from various countries are coming soon. The ultimate customer satisfaction is our main goal. Thanks for being with ZamZam Trading BD.

Saudi Arab is the first world country of number of areas and factories that produce dates, all in one country. There are more than great oases and several minor ones, in addition to (130) factories of dates. This characteristic makes Saudi Arab is the first duration for ones who know value of the healthy dates and blessings in land of the two venerable sanctuaries. Varieties of dates good value brings a real pleasure for who want to get blessings, quality and flavors of dates in different areas and oases.


Ensuring year-round supply of premium quality dates from other Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, one of the best date producing countries in the world. Involve ourselves in increasing the country's revenue by exporting consumer and agricultural products from Bangladesh to the Middle East.


Ensuring the most premium dates of Saudi Arabia mainly for the consumers of Bangladesh. Ensure supply of imported dates and other products. Arranging home delivery with our own delivery management to customers. We have specialized business support for wholesalers and retailers. Dedicated support team is always there to help all customers.

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